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Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Marketing Tips |

How Can You Attract New Consumers to Your Restaurant?


The restaurant owners will always try to find out new and fresh ways to promote their eatery and attract new consumers. If you are one such restaurateur, you need to plan the promotion ideas by taking some time. There are many methods of restaurant marketing both online and offline. Here, in this content, take a look at some of the tried methods that are very important and effective in successfully promoting your business by attracting new consumers and increasing the profit. Most of these promotional ideas are affordable as well as easy to implement.

First, renovate your restaurant to make it customer-friendly and attractive by hiring any construction company or contractor experienced in restaurant construction. This step is very important to attract new consumers. Next, visit any companies in your locality to establish contact with the potential consumers. You can introduce the managers and directors of your restaurant and stimulate offers when they visit your eatery or place food orders. You can talk to them and also leave a leaflet regarding the offer that is running in your restaurant. Make sure that the leaflet is small and friendly so that it makes them open and read it. The leaflets with the offers should be designed professionally and also fit in the wallet. The big flyers are not effective in attracting the potential customers.

When it comes to giving a discount to the consumers, even a 20 percent discount on their overall bill amount should be fine to lure them. This will definitely stimulate the potential customers, and it will help you make a good amount of profit. You need to keep building your customer database by getting the email id of the potential customers and sending them the offers and specials on a daily basis. In the emails or leaflets, include the pictures of delicious food and drinks that are offered at the restaurant to lure them.

Make a specific duration of the operating hours of your restaurant as happy hours. It can be any time or day. During this period, the consumers can enjoy food and drinks at lesser prices than the usual rates. You can provide half-price food stuff and cheap side dishes to attract the consumers. You can use the sporting seasons also to attract the consumers to your restaurant. This can be done by tweaking the menu with special seasonal items. You can organize parties and provide discounts as well. Also, fit large screen TVs for your guests to enjoy watching the sports tournaments.

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